Aboriginal peoples

First Nations Child and Family Caring Society

First Nations Child and Family Caring Society - Updated

Updated study: Chronic underfunding of child and family services for 163,000 First Nations children prompted First Nations Child and Family Caring Society to file a discrimination complaint against Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in 2007. After almost ten years of litigation and 72 days of hearings, an NDP motion may have forced the Liberal government into action. This is a fully updated version of the study first published in 2011.

National Energy Board

A series of changes to the NEB Act in 2012 limited the scope of the National Energy Board’s project reviews and public participation opportunities. The Board also exercised its discretionary authority to apply these new provisions in ways that effectively silenced many environmental and Indigenous peoples’ voices in these proceedings.

Indigenous communities

According to information obtained through Access to Information requests in 2010, Indigenous communities have been under government surveillance since the Conservative Party came to power in 2006. The former Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) was given the lead role in monitoring Indigenous communities and community leaders.

Native Women's Association of Canada

Attacks on core and project funding for the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) began under the regime of Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien but surged under that of Conservative Stephen Harper. By 2015 NWAC was hemorrhaging badly even as it remained the most significant civil society champion of Indigenous women.

Pamela Palmater

Image of Pamela Palmater

Pamela Palmater is an Indigenous lawyer, university professor and activist. Following the news, in 2011, that other Indigenous activists were being surveilled by Canadian security agencies, she filed an Access to Information and Privacy request and learned that she herself is under surveillance.

Quebec Native Women

Quebec Native Women logo

For over 40 years, Quebec Native Women (QNW) has provided services and support for Indigenous women in Quebec, through the "promotion of non-violence, justice, health and equality." Following an important funding cut from the federal government, though, the organization may be forced to close.

Bill C-51: Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015

CSIS sign

Since the fall of 2014, the Harper government has introduced two significant bills to amend the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act and other national security related legislation, identified as Bill C-51 and Bill C-44.

Canadian Charities and the Canada Revenue Agency

2 February 2016—On January 20 2016, Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue, announced the winding down of the special review that had been set up by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under the Harper government to audit registered charities’ political activities.

Aboriginal communities and environmental groups

Aboriginal communities and environmental groups

Since 2006, according to documents obtained through the Access to Information Act, Aboriginal communities and environmental groups have been under a special program of government surveillance, and the information was shared among security agencies, government departments and industry about groups that oppose resource development projects. 

Aboriginal Healing Foundation

Aboriginal Healing Foundation

In the 2010 Federal Budget, the government of Canada decided not to renew funding for the Aboriginal Healing Foundation.