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Upcoming ‘Under Siege’ Speaking Tour: Peaceful Resistance to Canadian Mining and Militarization in Guatemala

02 November 2015—Canadian mining company Tahoe Resources and the Guatemalan government have used repression, criminalization and militarization to try to silence resistance to the company’s Escobal mine project, according to a forthcoming report from Guatemalan investigative journalist Luis Solano. Solano will be in Canada from November 9 to 13, to present his findings about the militarization of communities in the area of the Escobal mine project, located in southeastern Guatemala. Events will be taking place in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

Atwood, Lewis & Cotler back Voices-Voix in calling for an end to attacks on democracy

19 October 2015 – The Canadian election campaign wraps up today, and the outcome remains highly uncertain. What is certain, though, is that the MPs elected will have important, urgent and unanswered questions to address about the future of dissent, democracy and civil liberties in Canada.

Voices-Voix documents and denounces federal government smearing of another target: Voices-Voix

October 1, 2015—In an ironic twist, today the Voices-Voix Coalition - which documents instances of the Canadian government attacking dissent and debate - is releasing a case study on itself.

"We never expected this when we started," says Robert Fox, a longtime social justice advocate and member of the Voices-Voix Strategy Group. "But Steven Blaney's accusations in parliament made it clear that we were no longer just documenting organizations that have been targeted, but had become a target ourselves."

Leading Canadian organizations release new summary of federal party positions on protecting Canadian charities

22 September 2015 (Toronto, ON) – Today, leading Canadian organizations have released a new summary of the federal party positions on protecting Canadian charities. This initiative is to protect charities and the voices of Canadians they represent and to encourage federal party leaders to establish new legal and policy protection that enables charities to participate more fully in public policy discussions.

In February, letters were sent to all federal political parties in Canada asking them to “make a commitment to preserving and enhancing this role by strongly supporting a new legal and policy direction that enhances and protects the ability of registered charities to participate in public policy debates.”

Formal replies have now been received from the Green, Liberal and New Democratic Parties, as well as a media comment from the Conservative Party, and are now summarized in a new comparison fact sheet. The Bloc Québécois did not reply.

Canadian government must work with human rights defenders, Indigenous communities, not against them: United Nations Committee report

23 July 2015 (Montreal, QC) – In a scathing report issued this morning, the United Nations Human Rights Committee said the Canadian government must act to protect the rights to freedom of assembly, association and expression and to remove obstacles hindering the work of human rights organizations in the country.

"We're pleased to see that the UN Human Rights Committee has recognized the concerns expressed by organizations across Canada that our government must do more to protect the right to dissent, debate and the protection of human rights in our country," said Tim McSorley, Voices-Voix Coalition co-ordinator.

Media Advisory: United Nations Human Rights Committee to release report on Canada tomorrow, July 23, at 7:30am EST

22 JULY 2015--Tomorrow, July 23, 2015, at 7:30am EST, the United Nations Human Rights Committee will hold a press conference and release its report on the committee's latest review of Canada's adherence to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Members of the Voices-Voix coalition who are experts in human rights and can speak to the importance of this report will be available for comment throughout the day.

Canada set to receive failing grade at first UN human rights review in a decade

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July 6, 2015 (GENEVA, Switzerland) – The Canadian government should be preparing itself for a failing grade as it enters its first human rights review at the UN in a decade, says Voices-Voix, a coalition endorsed by over 230 organizations and 5,000 individuals across Canada.