Petition Results

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Surnamesort descending First Name Zip Code City Country
Villeneuve Julien H4g2t2 Montréal Canada
Vosper Gretta L1N 7E4 Whitby Canada
Walker Gordon K2e6c7 Ottawa Canada
Warner Joy L8P 4V4 Canada
Warner Marguerite R3M 0A1 Winnipeg Canada
Warwick Patricia M4L 2E6 Toronto Canada
Webb Stephen v8p 2y3 Victoria Canada
Weigl Ben N0R 1K0 Maidstone Canada
Welton Dr. Michael V3Z 1P4 Surrey Canada
Wesley Robin V7V 1T4 West Vancouver Canada
Wilde Gerald K0H 2T0 Sydenham ON Canada
Wilkins Carol N6G 3J6 London Canada
Williams John K2B6G1 Ottawa Canada
Williamson Janice T6e2v9 Edmonton Canada
Wilson Edward V0R 1X3 Gabriola Canada
Wilson Marilyn E2J5A2 Saint John Canada
Witteck Michel 5350 OHEY Belgium
Wood Jo K1S 2T2 Ottawa Canada