Canadian Charities and the Canada Revenue Agency

Update 30 October 2018— After Canada Without Poverty won a landmark case in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on 16 July, 2018, ruling that the CRA’s rules are an unconstitutional limit on free speech, the federal government decided to appeal in August 2018. On October 25, after numerous organizations provided joint comments and recommendations on the new regulations, the Minister of Finance tabled proposed changes to the Income Tax Act, which incorporate the most significant demands of the organizations and the recommendations of the Consultation Panel on the Political Activities of Charities.

Status of Women Canada 2018

Status of Women Canada

This report updates the case study of Status of Women Canada (SWC), published in September 2012 under Stephen Harper, in which severe cuts to SWC funding and mandate were documented. The current report reflects on developments since self-proclaimed feminist, Justin Trudeau won the 2015 election up including the recently announced federal budget 2018.

Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN)

Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN)

Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) closed its doors in 2009 due to a loss of long-term funding commitments. The problem began in 2006, when the Harper government decided to end its funding.

Mada al-Carmel

Mada al-Carmel

In 2010, the International Development Research Centre terminated two research grants it had awarded Mada al-Carmel, which directed its research toward Palestinian human rights in Israel.

Court Challenges Program

Court Challenges Program

En septembre 2006, le gouvernement Harper a coupé le budget entier du Programme de contestation judiciaire du Canada. Les coupures de financement étant sous l’autorité de l’exécutif seulement, cette décision n’a exigé aucun débat ni ratification de la part de la Chambre des communes.

Public Science

The previous federal Conservative government waged a systematic assault on public science. ​The assault included the natural and social sciences. It was not restricted to government scientists, but ran the full gamut of organizations connected to scientific research: government departments, at arms-length government funded organizations, organizations that funded other research, universities, NGOs and individual researchers who obtained grants through one of the funding agencies, and even included a UN convention conducting research relevant to climate change.

Environmental groups in Canada

From 2006-2015, the Conservative government defunded and attempted to discredit leading and respected environmental research and advocacy groups. Environmentalists were portrayed as a threat to Canadian security. Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act confirm that the RCMP and CSIS were monitoring environmental groups opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Native Women's Association of Canada

Attacks on core and project funding for the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) began under the regime of Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien but surged under that of Conservative Stephen Harper. By 2015 NWAC was hemorrhaging badly even as it remained the most significant civil society champion of Indigenous women.

Quebec Native Women

Quebec Native Women logo

For over 40 years, Quebec Native Women (QNW) has provided services and support for Indigenous women in Quebec, through the "promotion of non-violence, justice, health and equality." Following an important funding cut from the federal government, though, the organization may be forced to close.

Official Development Assistance

Official Development Assistance

Since the 1960s, Canada has been internationally recognised as a progressive and generous country in its diplomatic and financial contributions to promoting international development, thought its Official Development Assistance (ODA) program. However, since coming to power in 2006, the Conservative government has been quietly dismantling programmes, changing policy orientations and priorities, and—following an initial increase which peaked in 2011—cutting the federal foreign aid budget, all to the point where there has been a major reorientation of Canada’s international development agenda, with virtually no public consultation.