First Nations Statistical Institute

First Nations Statistical Institute

In its March 2012 budget, Canada’s federal government announced that it was cutting all funding for the First Nations Statistical Institute (FNSI). According to the budget, the FNSI will see its federal funding halved in 2012-2013 and then eliminated in 2013-2014.

National Council of Welfare

National Council of Welfare (NCW)

In April 2012, the Conservative government introduced Bill C-38, which implemented various measures proposed in the 2012 Federal Budget.

National Aboriginal Health Organization

National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)

Since its inception in 2000, the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) received its core funding of nearly $5 million per year from Health Canada; however, this funding was completely cut by the Conservative government in its

Eritrean Canadian Community Centre of Metropolitan Toronto

Eritrean Canadian Community Centre of Metropolitan Toronto

In December 2010, the Eritrean Canadian Community Centre of Metropolitan Toronto (ECCC) was notified that its federal funding would be terminated on March 31, 2011, with cuts

South Asian Women’s Centre

South Asian Women's Centre

In December 2010, the South Asian Women’s Centre (SAWC) was notified that its federal funding, which represented 67% of its budget and amounted to $570,000, w

Afghan Association of Ontario


In December 2010, the Afghan Association of Ontario (AAO) was notified that its fedral funding would end on March 31, 2011, reportedly in the amount of $610,000.

Status of Women Canada

Status of Women Canada

In 2006, the federal government reduced SWC’s annual budget, forcing most of its regional offices to close. Conservative MP Garth Turner said he and other members of the party were obliged by Prime Minister Harper to agree to the cuts.

Canadian Council on Learning

Canadian Council on Learning

The Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) was given a five-year grant in 2004 by the Liberal government, worth $85 million.

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE)

The 2012 federal budget announced that funding for the NRTEE would be cut after the organization produced a pessimistic report on Canada’s provincial and territorial climate change plans emphasizing the fact that the government would not reach its set targets of greenhouse-gas reductions unless additional measures are taken.

Community Access Program

Community Access Program (CAP)

On April 5, 2012, Industry Canada sent a letter announcing that funding for the Community Access Program (CAP), amounting to about $15 million, was scheduled to end on March 31, 2012 and would not be renewed.