Report on Constitutional Protection for the Right to Information

By the Centre for Law and Democracy, 3 April 2012

CLD today published a comparative report on international and comparative constitutional guarantees of the right to information. The report, Entrenching RTI: An Analysis of Constitutional Protections of the Right to Information, is part of CLD’s ongoing work to support right to information reform in Egypt. At the same time, the standards outlined in the report are relevant to any country undergoing constitutional reform in this area.

“Most modern constitutions provide specific protection for the right to information, while courts have interpreted many older constitutions as including similar guarantees,” said CLD Executive Director Toby Mendel. “We hope that this report will help stakeholders in Egypt and in other countries as they advocate for strong constitutional protection for the right to information.”

The report outlines in some detail international standards recognising as a human right the right to access information held by public authorities, as well as the specific standards for this right which have been developed in international law. It also describes the main features found in most constitutional guarantees of the right to information, along with some of the more cutting edge features found in some recent constitutions.

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