Voices-Voix: Keynote remarks from Pearl Eliadis at Day of Dissent

Keynote remarks from Pearl Eliadis at Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada "Day of Dissent" in Vancouver, 7 December 2012

" (...) Voices-Voix has identified 114 cases of organizations, academics and individuals who have been targeted, vilified or selectively defunded since 2010. Civil society organizations are overwhelmingly the focus, but public servants and public service, as well as academics, have been caught up. 

Four additional fronts have opened up in our mapping of the assault on diverse voices, on advocacy, on democratic dissent and on the fabric of progressive civil society, bringing the total to five:

  1. The vilification of human rights leaders and civil society leaders, in part through the demonization and delegitimization of advocacy and dissent;
  2. A pincer movement designed to crush funding of Civil Society Organizations and the constriction of the legal and public space in which these organizations operate;
  3. A two-track strategy of either ignoring or directly interfering with the work of Parliamentary agents and arm’s length organizations, further concentrating power in the hands of the Prime Minister’s Office.
  4. The ‘death of evidence’ that would otherwise be used to support progressive CSOs and track the progressive realization of rights. We have seen the shutting out and shutting down of knowledge and research and data, and the public infrastructure that supports these vital resources, and
  5. The systematic marginalization of human rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is both a byproduct and target of these planks. (...) "

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