Voices-Voix Newsletter September 2013

Read our Newsletter, published September 26, 2013

"A body of evidence": Since our last newsletter, the trend of silencing dissent and critical voices has picked up steam, and activities at Voices-Voix have kept going to keep track of these events. A record of mounting evidence is building.

Muzzling scientists, threatening charities with the removal of their status, sidelining public servants who demand information, defunding women groups, demonizing environmental organizations, surveillance of Aboriginal peoples, withdrawing support to international development efforts, calling critics "enemies" of the government...

We are hard at work to monitor and document this, and now have more than 80 case studies on our Hit List. The Voices-Voix website is proof that these are not isolated events, that they are part of a pat- tern. And we must show the Canadian public that there is a systematic effort to silence those who disagree with the federal government's agenda.

Our activities will continue to focus primarily on the monitoring, research and writing of case studies, and we are launching a Research Network with academia to help us do so effectively. But we also have, here, a strong community within civil society that can reach citizens across the country—let's use it. Information is key to mobilization: we'll keep producing the evidence, help us bring it to the pub- lic. With such a body of evidence, this will not be ignored. (...)

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