News items tagged as Equality relate to treatment received by Canadian organizations, individuals and institutions by the federal government.

Security reform should protect our freedom

By Alex Neve, John Packer, Roch Tassé, Ottawa Citizen, 29 October 2014

(...) In the wake of last week’s attack in Ottawa the government is rolling out proposed changes to Canada’s security laws and practices. We don’t yet know the full extent.

Misguided security laws take a human toll

By Omar Khadr, Ottawa Citizen, 28 October 2014

Ten years ago the Canadian government established a judicial inquiry into the case of Maher Arar. That inquiry, over the course of more than two years of ground-breaking work, examined how Canada’s post-Sept. 11 security practices led to serious human rights violations, including torture.

Can a political purpose also be a charitable purpose? Perspectives on the impact of Re Greenpeace of New Zealand Inc. in Canada

By Janne Duncan, Norton Rose Fulbright, October 2014

A number of Canadian charities have recently come under scrutiny by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding their charitable status. In Canada, a registered charity pays no income tax and is able to issue tax receipts to its donors. Those receipts are then used for non-refundable tax credits or deductions. The Canadian Press has reported that many registered charities in Canada, ranging from environmental to international aid and human-rights groups, have recently been subjected to political-activity audits by the CRA. The CRA has apparently budgeted approximately $13 million for these audits.

Gendered Dissent, Democracy & Law: A Workshop

By Estair Van Wagner and Charis Kamphuis, Dissent, Democracy & the Law Research Network, October 6, 2014


This two-day Workshop featured presentations by fourteen panelists and speakers who together constituted a diverse group of legal scholars from universities across Canada, and advocates and leaders of civil society organizations. Their objective was to report on and theorize the challenges faced by advocates and civil society organizations working on issues of gender equality in Canada. In particular, participants focused on those challenges that stem from governmental use of legal and extralegal measures that undermine the capacity of individuals, civil society organizations, and institutions to participate in public debate on key policy issues at the local, provincial or federal level. (...)

Where have all the censuses gone?

By Thomas Peace, Active HIstory, 28 July 2014

About a year ago, I discovered that one of the most useful reference resources I use, Statistics Canada’s E-Stat tables of the Censuses of Canada1665-1871 had been removed from their website. Living in a country where the current federal government has a bit of a history mucking around with censuses and data collection (for good examples see herehere and here), the removal of this resource upset me. Why had I not heard about E-Stat’s impending demise? Where could I retrieve the valuable and accessible data formerly available for download through this website? And (of course) what type of subtle political purpose could be behind the removal of data from Canada’s early censuses? (...)

Immigration bill facing challenge by human rights advocates

Three human rights groups are planning to launch a legal challenge of a proposed immigration bill that would allow the federal government to strip dual nationals convicted of offences such as terrorism of their Canadian citizenship.

Amnesty International, the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association are scheduled to announce their plans during a conference call with reporters on Thursday, although the actual lawsuit will have to wait until Bill C-24 becomes law. (…)

Harper government attempts to quietly defund national literacy

Without an announcement or any consultation, it appears that the federal government has decided to quietly collapse Canada's national literacy and essential skills network. This is happening at the same time as community literacy programs across Canada experience a seismic shift and uncertainty of sustained operations, while millions of dollars in federal funding is being effectively diverted from federal-provincial Labour Market Agreements and redirected to the unproven Canada Job Grant program. (...)

Harper government targets environmental groups?

Video interview: "Fundraising expert Harvey McKinnon says the federal government is using the Canada Revenue Agency to try to shutdown and intimidate environmental groups. Is Ottawa really unfairly targeting public interest groups? Find out on Unfiltered with Jill Krop."

Op-Ed: Heavy-handed response to the Elsipogtog blockade in New Brunswick

On Thursday morning, RCMP officers were deployed with rifles, non-lethal bullets, pepper spray, and dogs to enforce a court injunction and attempt to disperse a blockade of protesters on New Brunswick Route 134, about an hour north of Moncton. At least 40 people were arrested for continuing a protest against natural gas exploration in the area, which comprises traditional lands of the Mi’kmaq people. (...)

Canada Gives Human Rights the Cold Shoulder

In presenting a deeply disappointing report today at the UN Human Rights Council, outlining Canada’s response to a review of the country’s human rights record carried out in April 2013, the Canadian government has squandered a valuable opportunity to move forward in addressing important national human rights concerns and to demonstrate human rights leadership on the world stage. (...)