News items tagged as Equality relate to treatment received by Canadian organizations, individuals and institutions by the federal government.

When good data goes bad: The 2011 National Household Survey

(...) The federal Conservative government spent an extra $22-million* to replace the long-form census questionnaire with the survey, going from a 20-per-cent sample of households receiving the long form in which responding was mandatory, to a 30-per-cent sample of households who could answer the questions if they felt like it. Why? The feds insisted the census was a coercive instrument of government that violated of your privacy. (...)

Harper government withheld documents in indigenous human-rights case

Photo by Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

The Harper government withheld tens of thousands of documents that it was obligated to disclose as part of a human-rights case in which it is accused of discriminating against indigenous children. Now, it is using its failure to hand over the files to try to get the proceedings put on hold.

The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in 2007 saying it is wrong for the federal government to pay 22 per cent less for child welfare on reserves than the provinces pay for non-aboriginal welfare services. (...)

What's charitable status, and why is Harper's Conservative government obsessed with limiting it?

 Photo by Remy Steinegger/Vancouver Observer.

Some of you may have heard that Physicians for Global Survival (PGS) recently lost its charitable tax status. (...)

How can an organization given a Nobel Prize in 1985 be declared, a little over 25 years later, so reprehensible that its ability to give out charitable tax receipts to donors has to be snatched away? (…)

New in the Documentation Project: National Network on Environments and Women's Health

"As part of the 2012 Budget, the Women’s Health Contribution Program (“the Contribution Program”) was eliminated. The Contribution Program was originally created to establish “policy-based non-clinical research on women's health and to provide action-oriented policy advice reflecting community as well as academic concerns.” It was the principal source of funding for six women’s health organizations that advanced gender equality in the area of women’s health, including the National Network on Environments and Women’s Health. (...)" Read More.

NWAC shocked with recent RCMP comments on CBC

The Native Women's Association of Canada

In a response to a posting on the CBC News website stating that the, “The RCMP questions claim of 600 missing aboriginal women”, Michèle Audette, president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) states that, “it is incredible that the RCMP is publicly doubting the number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls that has been documented in the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s Database!..." (...)

Federal government ordered to hand over millions of residential school documents


The federal government has been ordered to hand over millions of documents to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that is trying to determine the depth of the church-run Indian Residential schools that removed children from their families for more than a 100 years. (…)

#J28 Day of Action: It's time to send Harper a message he can't ignore

#J28 Common Causes

Our country is at a crossroads. Inspiring social movements are meeting a wall of Conservative spin. (...)

These policies are meant to create a chill effect on political activity by targeting powerful civil society voices that are speaking out against the Conservative agenda. The Harper Conservatives are also going to extreme lengths to erode Canadian democratic systems. (...)

New in the Documentation Project: the Quebec Women's Health Action Network (RQASF)

Photo from RQASF

" In April 2012, as part of the cuts from the 2012 Budget, the government announced the elimination of the Women’s Health Contribution Program (WHCP), which funded six organizations, including RQASF, to conduct research on women’s health. The funds allocated to RQASF through this program are scheduled to terminate by March 31, 2013. The RQASF and the other groups have claimed that women’s ability to advocate for their health is curtailed by the cuts and that the government is dismissing the policy advice these groups offered. (...)"

Canada rejects UN human rights criticism detailed in Amnesty International report

Photo by Jean Levac/Postmedia News

Canada is again rejecting criticism of its human rights record after the release of a report that highlights the longstanding issues facing Aboriginal peoples.

Three mandatory United Nations reviews conducted in 2012 all found “very serious human rights challenges facing Indigenous peoples” in Canada, says an Amnesty International report released Wednesday. (...)