News items tagged as Equality relate to treatment received by Canadian organizations, individuals and institutions by the federal government.

Canada's poor ranking in access to courts should be wake up call, Chief Justice says

Justice Beverly McLachlin

An international finding that Canada ranks poorly when it comes to access to the courts should serve as a wake up call to the entire justice system, says Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin. Speaking to the annual Canadian Bar Association conference today, Chief Justice McLachlin said that Canada placed ninth in a recent ranking of 12 European and North American countries.

Policing the borders means policing Canadian journalism?

After I was accredited with an official press badge and info packet at a "public consultation" event with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, I felt comfortable, and spent almost an hour inside chatting to fellow reporters awaiting his speech. Unceremoniously, I was suddenly -- and sternly -- ordered to leave by police from behind the official media table, moments before the minister spoke.

‘Racist, Sexist, Ageist, Homophobic’ – MPs Face Heckles of All Kinds in House

Editorial Cartoon by Brian Gable

On the floor of the House of Commons, the insults flying back and forth that are kept from official transcripts are crystal clear to MPs on the receiving end. An anonymous survey of MPs asked the honourable members just what all the yelling is about. The results aren’t pretty.

Ottawa in ‘Explosive’ Situation over Rejected Iroquois Passport

Iroquois Passport

A Mohawk woman says Ottawa is trying to strip the Iroquois nation of its identity after border officials confiscated her Iroquois passport, a move she contends challenges the sovereignty of her people but which the Canadian government defends because it does not list the document as acceptable identification. “They called it a ‘fantasy document,’ but that’s my identity,” she said from her office on the Akwesasne reserve, the Canadian part of a Mohawk community that straddles the Ontario, Quebec and New York state borders.

Canada Braced for a UN Scolding over 'Visible Minorities'

UN Headquarters

Canada faces a new grilling before a United Nations anti-racism watchdog — but will defy the Geneva-based body over the question the government's use of the term "visible minorities." A delegation to be led by Citizenship and Immigration Canada will tell the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination that Canada considers the term to be appropriate.

Women's Rights Have Declined under Harper - researcher

Women's rights have suffered under Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government, a trend that will continue unless Canadians raise their voices in protest, says a researcher from the University of Regina. Jill Arkles made the argument in Fredericton on Tuesday as part of a presentation she made at the 2011 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

New Parliament Younger, More Diverse: Study

New MPs

Remember the days when the Canadian House of Commons was filled with aging white men who had law degrees? Well, the times they are a-changing. A new study released Thursday shows that the Parliament elected by Canadian voters on May 2 produced a much more diverse crop of MPs.

Harper Targeted First Nations for Increased Surveillance

Riot Police at Barriere Lake Community

Newly exposed internal documents from Indian Affairs and the RCMP show that shortly after forming government in January of 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper had the federal government step up intelligence gathering on First Nations to anticipate and manage First Nations political action across Canada.
Information obtained by the First Nations Strategic Bulletin through Access to Information requests reveals that almost immediately upon Harper’s taking power in 2006, the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) was given the lead role to spy on First Nations.

More voices you won’t hear in the election campaign


Also off any Harper table is the nightmarish case of Abousfian Abdelrazik – only one man, sure, but one whose treatment tells us a great deal about the kind of Canada we’ve become, none of it flattering. A Canadian Muslim born in Sudan, Mr. Abdelrazik’s life has been shattered by the government of Canada, first under the Liberals, now the Conservatives. He’s guilty of nothing yet is treated as a terrorist. [...]

Women Need Pay Equity

Canadian Press

In 2009, about 8 million women had a paid job in Canada. Women in Canada have made breakthroughs in the working environment. However there is still an issue over valuing women’s work equally with the work of men. More than 30 years ago, Parliament adopted the Canadian Human Rights Act, that specifically prohibits paying women less than men for work of equal value, yet, all studies show that the gender pay gap has remained basically the same over the years. [...]