News items tagged as Equality relate to treatment received by Canadian organizations, individuals and institutions by the federal government.

Canada has 'turned its back' on human rights

Canada's standing as a worldwide defender of human rights has plummeted under the Stephen Harper government, a new report from Amnesty International charges.

Meanwhile, a Simon Fraser University professor is slamming the report as the ill-informed ranting of "armchair" human-rights experts, while a Vancouver human-rights lawyer applauds Amnesty for raising a crucial issue during the federal election campaign. [...]

ALERT! RADIO- Episode 180

Canadian Dimension

Alex Neve of Amnesty International discusses the Harper government’s human rights record. Economist Sheila Block discusses a new study about Canada’s colour coded labour market. Derrick O’Keefe of the Canadian Peace Alliance discusses the controversy over the real purpose of the Libyan intervention.

Manufactured ignorance

Canada Watch

If we are to believe our intrepid prime minister, Stephen Harper, and his resolute sidekick, Tony Clement, the long-form census was terminated in the spring of 2010 for the noblest of reasons. The minority Conservative government simply could not condone a mandatory census, which not only threatened ordinary Canadians with fines and jail time for non-compliance but also intruded far too deeply into their private affairs. Why should Canadians be forced to tell government about the number of toilets in their house? To what end? As Industry Minister Clement further explained, “the government of Canada was the heavy. We were the ones who were coercing Canadians ... on behalf of the private sector, other governments and the provinces.” [...]

Reclaiming Canada's role as leader on human rights

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In a report released today "Getting Back On The 'Rights' Track", Amnesty International outlines a human rights agenda for Canada. It provides a blueprint for leadership at home and a consistent and principled stand for Canada abroad that should be adopted by all politicians during the election campaign. And it must be implemented by those who win the election. The report covers human rights issues within Canada including Indigenous rights, women's human rights and the need to protect the rights of Canadians abroad. [...]

Funding cuts to hurt classes for young immigrants

"....many [refugee service agencies] say they are afraid to give interviews about the cuts for fear they will be penalized for speaking out." ... "member agencies are even reluctant to share information with each other, for fear they’ll be seen as critical of the government."