Silencing Activity Sectors

When an individual or an organization sees its ability to speak out or carry on work that is critical of the government, it isn't just that one group or person affected. The impact is felt throughout the sector in which they work.

More concerning is when evidence points towards concerted efforts to muzzle, defund and demobilize entire sectors of our society in order to quiet both critics of government policy as well as movements for equality, human rights and social justice.

Increasingly, though, we see the results of federal government actions on entire sectors of our society. From environmental organizations, to Indigenous communities to progressive charities and beyond, broad swathes of Canadian society are feeling a chill on advocacy as individuals are silenced and orgnaizations are shuttered.

Let's work together to reverse this trend, and build a strong Canadian society where allies can work together and form movements for social justice and equality without fear of attacks on their entire sectors.

Click on the links below to read more about what's been happening to various sectors in our country, and raise your voice with us for democracy in Canada.