Silencing Knowledge

Canada's public policy, research and statistical institutions are respected around the world. They have provided robust and reliable data about our economy and our society and have helped to direct these considerable resources towards a greater collective good. Science has been the driver of innovation, health, environmental protection and human development. Canadians have been able to access that information to ensure that governments are held to account for the quality of their decisions.

In recent years, Canadian think tanks, research projects, scientists and statistical programs have been shut down, shut up, defunded and muzzled.  It is more difficult for people and the media to get the information they need to hold the government to account.

In the words of Allan R. Gregg,

"Our government's use of evidence and facts as the bases of policy is declining, and in their place dogma, whim and political expediency are on the rise, And even more troubling...Canadians seem to be buying it" (From "Assault on Reason", a speech delivered at Carleton University, Ottawa, September 5, 2012) 

Let's work together to reverse this trend, and build a strong Canadian democracy, in which the government respects knowledge institutions that support, respect and disseminate research, data and learning, and that actively promote the right of Canadians to get the information we need to hold government accountable.

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