Silencing Civil Society

In a democracy, the government is responsible to respect the voices of organizations that disagree with the government's decisions. If those organizations act in the public interest, play a role in maintaining the strength of Canadian civil society, and contribute to the diversity of perspectives available to Canadians, the government should not only respect their voices, but encourage them.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the voices of numerous civil society organizations that have acted in the public interest, and contributed to the diversity of Canadian perspectives, have not been respected. Instead, they have been ordered or pressured into silence, sabotaged by dubious political appointments, defunded, gutted, or effectively transformed into tools for the government's partisan agenda.

Let's work together to reverse this trend, and build a strong Canadian democracy, in which the government encourages the diverse voices of Canadian organizations, acknowledges their value to civil society, and respects their unconditional right to free speech.

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