Silencing The Public Service

The Canadian public service is one of the reasons for the success of democracy in our country. It is non-partisan, merit-based, and is recognized world-wide for its integrity. Public servants are government employees, but they are also, literally, servants of the public.

We rely on public servants to make decisions based on evidence and research, not on ideology. We depend on them to respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including the right to equality, to freedom of association and to free speech. When the interests of the State and of the Canadian public diverge, we trust that whistle blowers will be dealt with fairly and that public servants who are called on to tell the truth will do so free of intimidation.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the independence and integrity of the Canadian public service has been subjected to unprecedented pressure. Individual public servants have come under attack simply for telling the truth. Massive public service cuts have meant the loss of research, libraries, knowledge management capacity and data. Scientists have been muzzled. Parliamentary agents have been ignored. Independent agencies and knowledge institutions have been undermined or eliminated. This reduces our ability to hold governments to account.

Let's work together to reverse this trend, and build a strong Canadian democracy, in which the government acknowledges the value of public servants to Canadian society, and respects their right to hold the government accountable.

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