MATCH International

MATCH International

What Happened

In April 2010, MATCH International's funding from CIDA was cut, with losses representing 75 per cent of the organization’s total budget. 

International Cooperation Minister Beverley Oda claimed in a CBC News report that the organization was losing its funding because of performance issues. However, the cuts fit a pattern of ideologically driven punishment against feminist groups – particularly those that support funding for abortion as part of their maternal health initiative.

MATCH supports programs that help women gain leadership skills and start their own businesses in countries such as Ghana, Mali and Tanzania. It also works to prevent violence against women and female genital mutilation. MATCH International has relied on government funding for 34 years.

Relevant Dates:

  • 30 April, 2010: MATCH international was Informed of the decision to cut its funding

Role or Position

MATCH International is an organization that has worked with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) since 1976, 'MATCHing' the resources of women in Canada with the needs and resources of women in the global South. As Canada’s only gender specific international development organization, the group focuses on increasing women’s equal roles and participation in all societal spheres, to strengthen the women’s movement across the globe.

Implications and Consequences

  • Equality: Decreased access to full maternal and child health for poor women in developing countries.
  • Free Speech: Increased "chill effect" on aid groups that express opinions contrary to the ruling party's ideology; other development NGOs have to consider obscuring their work in the area of gender advocacy which is one of the most effective ways of improving the lives of poor.