Information Withholding

Kevin Page

Kevin Page | Parliamentary Budget Officer

On March 25, 2008, Mr. Kevin Page was appointed Canada’s first Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), a position created under the Conservative government’s Federal Accountability Act of 2006. Upon his appointment, Mr. Page discovered numerous discrepancies in the government’s spending estimates. He reported on them and found himself in the public spotlight as a result. The Harper government undermined Kevin Page’s work to hold the government accountable, cut the PBO’s funding, tried to limit Page’s mandate as well as his reporting to Parliament and the Canadian public, and failed to cooperate with his investigations.

Pat Stogran

Pat Stogran

In early 2010, Colonel Pat Stogran repeatedly criticised the federal government’s treatment of veterans. He deplored the obstructive bureaucracy of the Department of Veterans Affairs and of key government agencies which had prevented him from serving the interests of former soldiers. In the summer of 2010, Stogran was informed that he would not be appointed for a second term.