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Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (Victoria)
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Groups that are part of the CAIA network agree with the basis of unity but organize their activities and actions in an independent manner.

CAIA-Victoria grew out of a series of five public meetings on the Palestine/Israel conflict, the last one consisting of a smaller "roundtable" with invited speaker Adam Hanieh of the Al Awda Right of Return Group, CUPE and CAIA. Previous invited speakers had included Dan Freeman-Maloy of York University, speaking on "AIPAC North", and Jon Elmer, Canadian freelance writer and photojournalist specializing in the the Middle East. All were admission-free, held at the University of Victoria during February, March and early April 2007 and were organized by the Victoria Peace Coalition with the co-sponsorship of VIPIRG and CUPE local 50, among others.

Shortly thereafter, CAIA-Victoria was formed as a separate independent group, loosely affiliated with CAIA and working in solidarity with the Palestinian call for an international BDS (Boycott, Divestments & Sanctions) campaign against Israeli apartheid until it complies with International Law. The first of a series of regular boycott picket actions against the local Chapters bookstore located at Douglas and View Streets occurred shortly after the roundtable and have continued.

A CAIA-Victoria Newgroup supplies interested parties with an email letter 3 times per week. It brings important comments and news to the interested members that sign up to receive the newsletter.

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