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Citizens in Action:” is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent, progressive, organization. Its members are concerned citizens, who are devoted to economic & social justice. It has two objectives:

1) Consciousness-raising through popular education.

2) Lobbying of the governments for the public interest. Citizens in Action plans to struggle against the commercialization & privatization of our common good. It believes in the preeminence of citizens ahead of profits. It believes in fair taxes. We now have a fiscal system of Robin Hood in reverse, “take from the poor to give to the rich.” Multinationals & corporations are getting away with tax-evasion. They have tax-loopholes, tax credits, tax deferrals and tax-havens.

Citizens in Action believes a better world would be possible if:

1)  We had real participatory democracy & true equality of the sexes, especially in parliament.  

2) The reinstatement of a truly progressive income tax system, eliminate tax havens, etc.

3) Limits to Economic Growth. The planet cannot absorb the pillage & destruction of its resources any more, nor the damage to the environment through green-house gases. 

4) Independent media, free from control by corporate conglomerates who have hijacked our airwaves, newspapers and magazines.

5) Public ownership of public resources. Water is a necessity, not a commodity to be bought & sold on international markets.

6) Public/Private Partnerships serve only to increase the profits of a few predators, but are not in the public interest. They actually increase costs & diminish the quality of our services. Healthcare should remain public.

7) Our internal & foreign policy should not be dictated, in secret, by the United States, as in the Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Agreement between Canada, U.S. & Mexico; otherwise, the lowest common denominator of goods & services will prevail.

8) The right to food, work & lodging must beenshrined in our Charter of Human Rights.

9) Unelected lobbyists who influence public policy should be banned altogether.

10) The commercialization of every aspect of our lives should cease.

Citizens in Action organizes meeting the second Tuesday of each month, to listen to a renowned speaker & to discuss a current political issue.

Place: Concordia Hall building, 1455 de Maisonneuve West, (corner Bishop)

Room 760, on the 7th floor

Time:  7:00 p.m. sharp

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