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Civil Liberties Association National Capital Region
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The purpose as stated in the Constitution of the Civil Liberties Association, National Capital Region, is the following:

(a) to inform and educate the public as to the existence, nature and enforcement of human rights and civil liberties in Canada.

(b) to maintain a general fund to assist individuals in obtaining the rights and liberties, for the benefit of individuals who cannot otherwise obtain such rights and liberties because of their particular financial situation.

The organization will not establish any special fund on behalf of named individual.

In practice, the Association has organized and sponsored public meetings on issues affecting civil liberties. It does not have the resources at the present time to pay for legal counsel. It has spoken out either to the media or to government or other officials when it has felt civil liberties to be threatened. Its primary emphasis is on local issues. The list of previous public meetings held by the Association will give an idea of the scope of its interests.

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