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Canadian Dimension is published 6 times per year, including 2 double issues. It is a magazine which shows there is an alternative to the corporate agenda and the dictates of the global market; that the dream of a better society is still alive. It provides a forum for debate, where red meets green, feminists take on socialists, socialists take on social democrats, whites hear from aboriginals, activists report from all corners of Canada, trade unionists report from the front lines, campaigns make connections, and the latest books, films, websites, CDs, and videos are radically reviewed.

Canadian Dimension draws on the best writers on the Left, both familiar and fresh. Some contributing writers include Greg Albo, Gregory Baum, Varda Burstyn, Michel Chossudovsky, Sam Gindin, Joan Kuyek, Brian Palmer, Leo Panitch, Judy Rebick, Jim Stanford, Jack Warnock, and Reg Whitaker. These veterans write alongside young vigorous writers including Catherine Brown, Samir Gandesha, Anders Hayden, Meg Holden, Alex Roslin, Ardith Walkem. International coverage not seen elsewhere is provided by David Bacon, Henry Heller, Saul Landau, Edward Luro, Ahmar Mustikhan and James Petras.

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