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The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) arose in England 350 years ago, believing that there is an Inner Light or “that of God”, in every human being, and that everyone could have a direct unmediated experience of the Spirit. Its commitment to equality, peace (including pacifism), simplicity, community and integrity flow out of these fundamental principles. The promptings of love and truth in our hearts is the source of the Quaker commitment to human rights, global justice, prison abolition, sustainability and peace.

Founded in 1931, Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC) carries out work related to the peace and social concerns of Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Canada.

Rooted in its Quaker faith, CFSC is guided by a vision of a world in which peace and justice prevail, where the causes of war and oppression are removed, a world in which the whole of Creation is treated with respect and where individuals and communities are freed to reach their fullest potential.

Areas of work

CFSC’s work includes:

  • educational initiatives on peace, environmental issues, restorative justice (including victim’s rights and prison abolition), human rights, Indigenous rights (a specific area of human rights), peace-building, international development, economic alternatives,campaigns and policy issues, and Quaker testimonies and witness;
  • support of effective small-scale projects overseas and in Canada that help build sustainable communities as well as address Quaker concerns, such as peace in the Middle East and in Africa;
  • public policy engagement with governmental and other decision-makers on issues of concern, such as human rights (including conscientious objection to war), corporate responsibility, peace, restorative justice, and Indigenous rights.

On areas of common ground, CFSC works with other Quaker service agencies worldwide and within the Canadian ecumenical social justice community (ex. Project Ploughshares, KAIROS, Church Council on Justice and Corrections)

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