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Canadian Solidarity for Ethiopian Political Prisoners
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 Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners - Canada (SOCEPP-CAN) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization established to combat abuse of human rights in Ethiopia. SOCEPP-CAN has been legally registered and operating in Canada since 1998. It has been actively involved in campaigning for the protection of human and political rights in Ethiopia and the horn of Africa. In tandem with other campaigners, SOCEPP-CAN works to see a world where all human beings could live in harmony enjoying their freedom and exercising their rights without limitations. 

Since its inception, SOCEPP-CAN has written innumerable letters and appeals protesting to human rights abuse in Ethiopia; has been participating in various Canadian conferences and meetings promoting Human rights protection. In cooperation with other civil society groups, we organize forums and discussion events to promote democracy, peace and stability in Ethiopia.

SOCEPP-CAN is a member of Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee (CPCC) and Ethiopian Canadian Citizens League (ECCL) and endeavors to educate and enlighten Canadians on issues of human rights in Ethiopia. We constantly inform and seek the support of the Canadian government and Members of Parliament in order to augment the human rights situation in Ethiopia.