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Canadian Unitarians For Social Justice
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The Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice (CUSJ) is an associate member of the Canadian Unitarian Council.

CUSJ publishes the Justnews three times a year and discussion papers whenever possible. 1800 copies of each issue are now being widely distributed within the Canadian Unitarian community and beyond. Unitarians have a proud history of being in the forefront of the struggle for social change and justice. CUSJ follows in the footsteps of its forebears by keeping their spirit very much alive.

Over the years CUSJ has actively supported :

  • Aboriginal Rights Coalition,
  • Citizens for Public Justice,
  • Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition,
  • Kairos
  • the National Anti-Poverty Organization.
  • ICLMC (International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group
  • CCPA (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
  • Democracy Watch
  • Democracy in El Salvador
  • RAWA (The Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan
  • ISARC (Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition, Ontario)
  • The Department of Peace
  • The Climate Action Network
  • ACORN (Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now)

Some of its achievements:

  • lobbied politicians on key social issues;
  • prepared and presented briefs to various legislative committees;
  • written letters to many politicians and newspapers;
  • participated in social action in concert with other interfaith and secular groups;
  • participated in public demonstrations;
  • conducted workshops within and outside the UU community;
  • published regularly, a news bulletin and discussion paper on various topics;
  • prepared resolutions for the Canadian Unitarian Council.
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