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Educators for Peace and Justice
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Founded in 1991, EPJ is a network of educational activists committed to using its resources to work with all those striving to create socially just and equitable classrooms, schools, and communities, both locally and globally.

Throughout our twenty years of activism, we have been committed to developing resources, workshops and forums along with other progressive groups for the following issues:

  • War-Free Schools to challenge the culture of militarism including opposing military recruitment in our schools and to explore alternative social/political/economic models
  • Academic Freedom to resist the silencing of educators who challenge the prevailing neo-liberal, globalized military agenda including the collaboration with Israeli Apartheid.
  • Sanctuary Schools to create a safer space by: challenging all forms of oppression, speaking out against policing in our schools and the persecution of undocumented students by the Canadian Border Services Agency, fighting the cutbacks to our education system, promoting equity for all students including those without status – Education, not Deportation!
  • Solidarity with First Nations in their struggle for self-determination, protection of their land and resources, environmental justice and access to quality education.
  • International Solidarity to expose the impact of invasion and occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti; to express solidarity with popular struggles from Oaxaca to Palestine; to oppose Israel’s continued violation of International Law and Palestinian Human Rights and promote the campaign for Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment.
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Créé en 1991, EPJ est un réseau d'activistes dans le domaine de l'éducation qui dépense ses resources afin de travailler avec tous ceux qui luttent pour créer des salles de classe, des écoles et des communautés qui reflètent l'équité et la justice sociale, et ce au niveau local comme mondial.