Extractive Industries Research Group
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The Extractive Industries Research Group (EIRG) brings together faculty and graduate students at York University into a multidisciplinary collaborative research group on mining and other extractive industries.

Since forming in the spring of 2007, the group has provided research and organizational support for academic and civil society initiatives concerning the social, political, and environmental impact of these industries around the world. Recent projects include a national conference on mining held in Ecuador to coincide with that country's process of constitutional reform, and a proposal for a York-based conference on mining in Latin America.

Current members include professors and doctoral students from CERLAC and the departments of Political Science, Environmental Studies, and Osgoode Hall Law School, who meet approximately once a month to work on related projects, discuss the members' current research, and share resources. Researchers interested in getting involved with EIRG are encouraged to contact yorkeirg@gmail.com for more information.

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