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The Fredericton Peace Coalition was born out of an urgency to address the current reality of a world hurting from war, violence, inequity, and injustice.

During the attacks on Lebanon and Palestine in the summer of 2006, various groups and individuals came together in two public demonstrations at Fredericton City Hall to condemn the attacks and demand that the Canadian government work towards a ceasefire and an end to its complicity in the crisis. The Fredericton Peace Coalition was hence founded on September 11, 2006 with a goal to coordinate and communicate amongst the local peace and social justice groups as well as to organize its own events and projects as a coalition.

The Fredericton Peace Coalition wants to pull the roots of militarism and violence, and create the conditions that are needed to propagate peace. It recognizes that unrestrained corporate power is waging war on democratic participation, public accountability and transparency. It wants to create a space where discussion, debate and engagement are welcomed. It wants to help stop Canadian government-supported misadventures abroad. It is committed to achieving peace through peaceful means.

The Fredericton Peace Coalition opposes the military industrial complex, the war economy and the war mentality of our governments. It opposes the expanding network of military bases around the world and military recruitment that tends to target youth in economically marginalized communities. It supports internationalism and want international law strengthened and enforced. It supports constructive dialogue as a means to peacefully resolving disputes.

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