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Gerald and Maas is a small press and graphics atelier founded by the author and the artist in New York City, 1978. We worked out of Maine and Cambridge Massachusetts through the eighties and early nineties until moving to Canada. Publishing with permission the U.N. Convention on Genocide with related documents (1989) when it was out of print at the U.N. our Canadian edition appeared in 1996 and is maintained online here. Nightslantern's "Suppressed news" has for some years focused on suppressed news relevant to the prevention of genocide. Politically concerned since the early 1960's, we're never funded but donations are welcome.

In May 2011 "Poet and Artist: Thirty Posters from the Heart," a retrospective of Gerald and Maas posters and broadsheets was shown at the Brecht Forum, NYC, and in September 2011, as part of the  Fifth Ottawa Peace Festival.

John Bart Gerald is a poet / journalist, with early novels published by Viking and Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Much of his recent work appears with Gerald and Maas. A member of the Freedom-to-Write Committee of American PEN for some years, he has taught at the City College of New York, Harvard, Bennington College, and Long Island University. Currently on the Advisory Committee of the BRussells Tribunal. Member of the Canadian Freelance Union.

Julie Maas, a graphics artist and painter, is the mother of three. Her illustrations appear in two The Vegetarian Epicure  cookbooks, early childhood programs for Scholastic, and numerous other publications. Her recent work appears with Gerald and Maas. Member of the Canadian Freelance Union.