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Night's Lantern is the website for our small press,  Gerald and Maas, which has published some of our own works and several suppressed works by others. From Maine in 1989 we brought out the UN's Convention on the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocidewith supportive texts, when the UN let it fall out of print. While war was prepared against Iraq we sent copies of The Crime of Genocide and Bill of Human Rights to the U.S. Congress.  From Ottawa in 1995 we published a Canadian edition expanded with treaties protecting refugees: Common  Rights & Expectations remains available for free at Night's Lantern. Over the years Night's Lantern has increasingly presented suppressed information in an effort to provide better defenses against genocide. The Night's Lantern genocide warnings have consistently pre-dated academic or public concern. The suppressed news pages rely on and are tangled with our own art works which sustain us through this mayhem of a focused awareness of genocide through nearly thirty years. We remain 'unbought and unbossed.'Nights Lantern is written by John Bart Gerald, with artwork by Julie Maas, and other works as noted.
John Bart Gerald & Julie Maas
Gerald and Maas, Montreal