4,000 Pages on Detainees Leave Question of Torture Unanswered

Document relating to Afghan detainees

By Stephen Chase and Bill Curry, The Globe and Mail, 22 June 2011

A year-long, multimillion-dollar probe has failed to resolve one of the most heated political questions ever to dog the Harper government: Did Canadian soldiers knowingly hand over Afghan prisoners to torture?

The Conservatives had hoped a multi-partisan effort to sift through documents – which concluded Wednesday – would finally put to rest one of the most divisive subjects of their tenure.
But the 4,000 pages of records, released Wednesday from a process agreed to by the Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc Québécois, are still subject to significant censorship.
And there are serious questions around the process that unearthed the documents. For instance, any records that could be considered cabinet confidence or legal opinions – where some of the most vital discussion would have taken place – were excluded. (...)

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Photo: The Globe and Mail