The abuses pile up: the PM hunkers down

lawrence martin

By Lawrence Martin, iPolitics, 7 June 2012

At some point, the opposition message might get through. To wit: We live in a democratic system, Prime Minister. Would you care to treat it like one?

Not yet though. As evidence of abuses pile up, Stephen Harper hunkers down.

The current cause of high dudgeon is the government’s Trojan Horse omnibus budget bill, the 425-page extravaganza with 753 clauses. […]

It’s not just the usual suspects on opposition benches who take issue. Opponents of the bill include many on the conservative right, including pundits who criticize the legislation as yet another example of the PM’s contempt for due process. They include a backbench Tory MP who sought to challenge the bill before being taken to the woodshed and having his mind quickly changed by party henchmen. [...]

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Photo: iPolitics