Air Canada workers express frustration over denial of basic human rights

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By NUPGE, 27 March 2012

The walkout of several Air Canada mechanics and ground crew at major airports across the country last Thursday and Friday was a clear expression of the frustration they feel at being denied their basic human right to bargain collectively and take job action, according to the Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights (CFLR). [...]

“Bill C-33 is simply a bad labour law, and like all bad labour laws, it creates bad labour relations,” noted CFLR Board member and Ottawa-based human rights lawyer, Paul Champ. “Legislating an end to collective bargaining and possible strike action instead of letting the process unfold creates an unstable work environment and does not resolve issues that can only be solved through negotiation.” [...]

“Labour rights are human rights. Yet when it comes to workers, the Harper government has repeatedly proven it has no respect for their human rights. Our Prime Minister cannot pick and choose among human rights based on ideology. It is the role of a democratic government in a civil society to defend all human rights.” [...]

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