Allegations of charities laundering money ‘desperate’: Tides CEO

Tides Canada President and CEO Ross McMillan

By Kate Webb, Metro Vancouver, 3 May 2012

Tides Canada President and CEO Ross McMillan lashed out at federal Environment Minister Peter Kent‘s allegations of money laundering by Canadian charities Wednesday, calling the minister’s comments “desperate and preposterous.” (...) “I see no evidence whatsoever that charities are acting inappropriately or illegally, and these are really grave allegations coming from a minister of the Crown,” McMillan told Metro. “If he has any reason to back them up, he should come forward with something more than innuendo, which is what he’s putting out, and if not he should apologize to Canadians for contributing to a smear campaign, which is what this is.” (...) 

(...) McMillan said Tides is scrupulous about tracking and reporting all of its political activity, which makes up less than one per cent of its overall activity. An analysis of CRA data by The Canadian Press last week found that less than one per cent of Canada’s 85,000 charities report devoting any resources to political activity. (...)

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Photo: Metro/Handout/Jamie Kowal for Tides Canada.