Bill C-377: What you need to know about the latest Conservative attack on civil society

Photo from / Dave Coles

By Dave Coles,, 2 October 2012

The Conservatives have aggressively targeted civil society organizations that articulate a worldview different from their own.

Feminist groups, international NGOs and environmental organizations have all faced Harper government efforts to weaken their functioning. Now the Conservatives are targeting labour unions through an arcane bill known as an Act to amend the Income Tax Act (Labour Organizations). (…)

Promoted as a way to improve transparency (not their own, of course), the bill is designed to challenge unions' involvement in political activities and divert their resources to busy work.

C-377 would require every trade union and labour trust (pension plan, training fund as well as health and welfare funds) to file a public information return with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on all expenditures over $5,000. (…)

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Photo from / Dave Coles.