Brian Stewart: Why are we eliminating the CSIS watchers?

Vic Toews

By Brian Stewart, CBC, 31 May 2012

[…] Toews recently decided that Canada has no further need of an independent inspector general and is scrapping the tiny office to save a mere $1 million — an amount so small it lay unnoticed for the longest time inside the government's massive 420-pages budget implementation bill.

It is a move that has totally baffled those who follow these things closely.

"The government has been entrusted with a valuable tool to ensure the integrity of its intelligence agency, and it is throwing that tool away for reasons no one can understand," wrote Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, who has a unique perspective. (He was a top aide to Pierre Trudeau when the RCMP Security Service was found to be out of control, and has long been an advocate for greater accountability.) […]

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Photo: Patrick Doyle/ Canadian Press