Canada: democracy and core public values after 2 May

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By Craig Scott, OpenDemocracy, 27 April 2011

The Canadian Government has obfuscated over the transfer of its Afghan detainees to the brutal and torturing Afghan intelligence services. As Canada approaches election day, Craig Scott asks whether the country’s broken parliamentary and bureaucratic system is capable of responding to the concerns. [...] 

On Monday, May 2, Canadians will vote in a federal election. It remains unclear whether the results will be significantly affected by deep concerns amongst many Canadians of authoritarian, deceitful and multifariously unethical behaviour by the governing Conservative Party, since becoming a minority government in 2006 (re-elected in 2008). [...]

What follows demonstrates that the need for leaking in Canada is especially acute, as long as Canada’s culture and institutionalization of accountability remains so primitive and especially if a politician with the caudillo-esque (that is to say, political strongman) orientation of Stephen Harper again forms a government after May 2. [...]


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