Canada not on track to fulfil 'open government' pledge

Treasury Board President Tony Clement

By The Canadian Press, 18 April 2012

Some members of a high-level panel struck by the Conservatives to offer advice on increasing transparency in government say a recently-released open-door plan doesn’t go far enough. [...]

“The federal Conservatives continue to try to spin their limited online data activities as an actual open government action plan, and continue to refuse to keep their commitments to strengthening the rules and enforcement systems in federal transparency, ethics, anti-corruption, lobbying, consultation, whistleblower protection, political finance, and waste prevention laws, ” said Tyler Sommers, co-ordinator of Democracy Watch, in a statement. [...]

The Conservatives came to power in 2006 promising greater accountability in government, but have been criticized repeatedly for the stranglehold they place on information, especially when it comes to costing out their own initiatives. [...]

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Photo: Adrian Wyld/ Canadian Press