Canada overstating effect of greenhouse gas policies

Photograph by Mark Ralston, AFP/Getty Images

By Amy Minsky, The Calgary Herald, 2 August 2011

OTTAWA — The Conservative government is overestimating the effectiveness of some of its environmental policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and is nowhere near being able to meet its 2020 emissions target, according to an analysis published last week.
The report, produced by an independent arm’s-length agency, broke out eight specific federal policies and their estimates, and found that the government made reliable estimates for only three. The other five were “likely overestimated,” according to the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.
Every year, the government is obligated to report the plans it has in store for reducing emissions and encouraging Canadians to do the same. Shortly after, the round table analyzes the climate change plan and publishes its findings. The government has made changes to “improve the reliability of some estimates and provide greater clarity,” but there’s a long way to go on transparency, according to the report.

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Photo: Photograph by Mark Ralston, AFP/Getty Images