Canada’s Budget Challenges Nonprofit Autonomy

By Rick Cohen, Nonprofit Quarterly, 5 April 2012

This past January, Canada Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver condemned “environmental and other radical groups” that he said had “hijack(ed)” Canadian regulatory agencies and relied on “funding from foreign special interest groups to undermine Canada’s national economic interest.” [...]

“The ‘10-per-cent rule’ stipulates that organizations that want to retain their charitable tax status must devote no more than 10 percent of their time to political activities. Who decides what constitutes political activities? [...] The bottom line, it seems, is that the CRA [Canadian Revenue Agency] can make those judgment calls[...]”

 It’s important, however, to realize that there are only 86,000 registered nonprofits in Canada, only two percent of which even engage in policy advocacy. So why the stink? [...]

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Photo: Nonprofit Quarterly