Canadian groups raise concerns at UN about shortcomings in freedom of expression and other rights

Photo by Chris Wattie/Reuters

By Don Butler, Montreal Gazette, 12 October 2012

With Canada’s human rights record due to come under a microscope next year at the United Nations, five organizations have raised a red flag about this country’s weakening support for freedom of expression and access to information.

The organizations — PEN Canada, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, the Centre for Law and Democracy and the B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association — outline “significant shortcomings” in Canada’s law and policy regarding freedom of expression. (…)

The groups’ paper outlines serious weaknesses that need to be addressed in such areas as whistleblower protection, access to information, access to the Internet by First Nations, restrictions on freedom of assembly and source protection for journalists. (…)

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Photo by Chris Wattie/Reuters.