Canadian veterans privacy violation

veterans Canada

By CBC radio, The Current, 28 March 2012

Perhaps you remember the story when it broke in 2010. A Canadian veteran believed government officials inappropriately examined his personal records because he was so outspoken against government policy.

 At the time, most Canadians probably thought it was an isolated event. They would be wrong. Others former soldiers have come forward and now, one of Canada's most decorated war vets says government officials poked around his personal records as well. [...]

Tom Hoppe served in Bosnia during the mid-1990s and was decorated for bravery. The former sergeant was active in veterans support organizations even before he left the military in 2001 after 25 years of service. [...]

Hoppe [...] did his own request for information, which confirmed that private medical information in his file had been shared by people in the department. [...]

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