Canadians Support Harper’s Plan for Senate Reform, Poll Shows

Canadian Senate by Chris Wattie

By Jane Switzer, The National Post, 14 July 2011

A new poll suggests Canadians support the Conservatives’ plan for Senate reform, including setting term limits and requiring senators to win their seats in an election. The polling firm has conducted four surveys on Senate reform since February 2010, and Angus Reid Public Opinion Vice President Jaideep Mukerji says public opinion on the matter has remained consistent over the last year.

The majority of respondents in every province supported Canadians directly electing their senators, with 70% supporting eight-year term limits. Creating a panel of distinguished Canadians to choose senators instead of the prime minister was the least popular idea proposed, garnering 39% support. Seventy-one per cent say a nationwide referendum should be held to determine the Senate’s future. [...]

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Photo: Chris Wattie/Reuters