Case study #109: Refugee access to welfare benefits

Refugee claimants in Canada are already living in some of the most precarious conditions in the country. With regulatory changes in the last omnibus budget bill, though, the federal government has opened wide the door for provinces to restrict their access to welfare benefits. For all the details, make sure to read our latest case study by clicking on the link below.
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An excerpt from the introduction:
In October 2014, as part of its omnibus budget bill, the federal government introduced proposed changes to theFederal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (“FPFAA”), the legislation governing how it funds provincial social assistance programs. While the FPFAA presently prohibits provinces from imposing minimum residency requirements on refugee claimants and others who apply for social assistance, the proposed amendments would lift this prohibition. This could allow the provinces to impose minimum residency requirements for refugee claimants and others without permanent status, resulting in an uneven patchwork of social assistance being available to refugee claimants and others seeking protection across Canada.

To read the entire case study, click the link below.