Case Study #110: Foundation for Canadian Studies UK

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Political interference. Forced resignations. Charitable status removed.
That's just part of what the Foundation for Canadian Studies UK (FCS UK) has gone through recently. Out latest case study (which you can access at the link below) examines the recent controversial changes at the highly esteemed FCS and its impact on the pursuit of Canadian Studies internationally. 
An excerpt:

The Foundation for Canadian Studies (FCS) in the UK has been a prominent international champion of the serious study of Canada since 1975. The rare conferral of Canadian charitable status on an international organization and modest but on-going funding from Ottawa recognized its value for almost 40 years. Its significance, however, did not protect the FCS from the partisan anti-intellectualism of the Canadian Conservative Government. In 2014, it lost charitable status. 

In 2015, former BC premier and current Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Gordon Campbell, forced the resignation of all but one of the senior scholars on the Board of Directors (as an ironical footnote only a Professor of Pathology remains) putting firm control in the hands of representatives of business and the High Commission itself. The mandate of the FCS is now to address the political priorities of the Harper Government.

To read the entire case study, click the link below.