Civilian panel for complaints against RCMP needs more powers: former chair

Photo by Getty Images/Postmedia News

By Douglas Quan, Postmedia News, Calgary Herald, 29 October 2012

The civilian body that reviews complaints against the RCMP must have unfettered access to the agency’s files in order to be effective, says the body’s former chair.

Paul Kennedy says the government’s proposals for modernizing the RCMP complaints process — contained in Bill C-42 — are highly inadequate. Not only do the proposed changes not allow the review body access to all the information it needs, the RCMP can take as much time as it wants to respond to complaints, leaving the potential for lengthy delays, he says. (…)

Kennedy said when he chaired the review body, it could sometimes take “years” for the RCMP to produce documents. (…)

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Photo by Getty Images/Postmedia News.