Clear Rémy Beauregard's name

Samantha Nutt, founder and executive director, War Child Canada, Toronto wrote in the Globe & Mail, Letters to the editor:  4 March 2011

"Since Rémy Beauregard’s premature death last year, talk has swirled around his legacy at Rights and Democracy (see Widow Of Embattled Rights Agency Head Seeks Justice). Rémy built a reputation over decades as a staunch defender of human rights.

Prior to his role as president of R&D, he worked diligently for two years to help War Child Canada establish a comprehensive legal program in northern Uganda, which has trained hundreds of local paralegals and others on the rights of children, dealing with horrific cases of violence and abuse that would otherwise go unpunished and unreported. His work has been a powerful tool in ending the climate of impunity plaguing post-conflict states.

We could not have done it without him. His name deserves to be unequivocally cleared so that he can be remembered, above all, for his extraordinary humanitarian accomplishments."


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Photo: War Child