Conservative Government Ignores 8 in 10 Canadians

By Open Media,, 14 February 2012 

Warrantless online spying legislation (“Lawful Access”) was introduced in Parliament today, opening the door to needless invasions of privacy for law-abiding Canadians. The bills would force Internet service providers to surrender the personal information of any Canadian at any time to authorities without court oversight—a move that public interest groups, legal experts, and privacy advocates say will fundamentally reshape the Internet in Canada. [...]

[...] “This move clearly does not represent the will of Canadians,” says Executive Director Steve Anderson. “Over 80,000 people to-date have signed a petition at to protest these bills, and a survey from Canada’s Privacy Commissioner show that 83 percent of Canadians oppose warrantless surveillance measures. It’s clear to Canadians that these poorly thought-out bills would create surveillance that is warrantless, invasive, and costly to Canadians and to our digital economy.” [...]

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Photo: Voices