Conservatives ruled in contempt of Parliament

Steven Harper

by Bruce Campion-Smith and Allan Woods, The Star, 9 March 2011

“It’s clear that the government has broken the rules and is in contempt of Parliament,” said Liberal finance critic Scott Brison, who wrote one of the two motions to censure the Tories.

Brison’s complaint originated last November when the government refused a request to provide breakdowns of the costs of its planned corporate tax cuts, of its various plans to bring in tougher crime legislation, and estimates of the costs to buy a fleet of fighter jets.

The government has released some of the costs for a few of its crime bills but stood its ground on the rest, citing cabinet confidence — the need to contain such information within the briefcases of federal cabinet ministers. In a highly-anticipated ruling, Milliken on Wednesday said that this government’s stonewalling was “unsettling.” Worse still was the refusal to provide an explanation for denying a perfectly legitimate request. [...]


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Photo Credit: The Globe and Mail