Critics want to see Harper government’s ‘enemy’ list

By Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star, 24 July 2013

More than 200 public-interest and aid organizations are formally asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government to reveal who’s on the “enemy” lists given to new ministers in this month’s cabinet shuffle.

But it doesn’t appear that Harper’s PMO will be producing the lists anytime soon — if ever. (…)

But it’s the characterization of dissenters as “enemies,” on top of measures to take away financing or charitable status of some organizations during the past few years, that has rung alarm bells in the civic-society sector, she said.

“These types of public reprisals are a form of intimidation and they directly constrict the legal and political space within which groups operate,” Eliadis said. (…)

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Photo by Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press.